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Eagles Chiefs Recap, Priest Secret Sex Tape, Phillies Win, and Glenn Beck's Rally


The Omelette Saturday August 28, 2010 Edition

Eagles Struggle Against Chiefs

The Eagles' starters looked horrible on offense last night against the Chiefs in three quarters of action. Aside from the Birds' touchdown less than a minute into the game (after the Chiefs fumbled the ball) they did very little on offense. Desean Jackson and Trent Cole both left the game with injuries, but they are said to not be serious. Kevin Kolb didn't have a good game at all, going 11 for 25 for 103 yards and a pick.

Priest Recorded Having Sex With Daughter

In a very bizarre story, a priest was secretly recorded having sex with a couple's teenage daughter. And, the parents are the ones who recorded the act. Of course the parents are suing the Diocese of Allentown over the sex act. However, if the parents knowingly recorded the tape - aren't they culpable. Something doesn't sound right at all.

Phillies Finally Win - Defeat Padres 3-2

The Phillies once again played into the wee hours and beat the Padres 3-2 in 12 innings last night on Jimmy Rollins' dramatic slide at homeplate for the winning run.

Glenn Beck Rally on Anniversary of I Have a Dream Speech

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally is stirring up a lot of controversy and debate. He says it's meant to restore honor, but many others see right through and say it's another Tea Party rally and just a slap in the face to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.