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Ryan Howard to Visit Doctor, Subway Workers Beat Robber, Eagles Camp Injuries, and Shark Video at Jersey Shore


The Omelette Tuesday August 3, 2010 Edition

Ryan Howard to Visit Doctor

Charlie Manuel proclaimed yesterday that Ryan Howard would only miss a game or two, but to quote The Wolf from Pulp Fiction, let's not start doing "that" just yet. Ryan Howard will have a visit with Michael Cicotti - the team doctor to determine the severity of the injury. Let's not write off a visit to the DL just yet. 

Eagles Injuries in Training Camp Not Serious...So Far

Fortunately the Philadelphia Eagles haven't succumbed to any major injuries so far. Garry Cobb reported that none of the injuries are serious. Stewart Bradley had hamstring spasms and Asante Samuel had a mild hamstring injury as well.

Subway Workers Do The Deed on a Thief

NBC10 is reporting that a two Subway workers beat the daylights out of a thief who attempted to rob a Subway shop in Bristol Township. The elderly staffer beat the crook with a grill pan after he reached into the cash register.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video.

Shark Swims Onto Beach on Jersey Shore

A six-foot blue shark swam onto the beach at Seaside Park, New Jersey this past weekend. Nobody was injured, but it gave everybody a heck of a thrill.