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Ryan Howard to DL, Jeremy Maclin Knee Injury, Brett Favre Retirement, and Michael Nutter demands Philly drops DROP


The Omelette Wednesday August 4, 2010 Edition

Ryan Howard headed to DL with sprained ankle

Looks like Charlie Manuel was way off when he said Ryan Howard would only miss a few games. Ryan Howard is headed to the DL and it means he'll be out for the next two weeks.

Jeremy Maclin is the latest man down in Eagles Training Camp

Jeremy Maclin becomes the latest casualty during the Eagles' 2010 Training Camp. He hyperextended his knee this afternoon and had to be carted off the field. Makes you wonder if Brent Celek or LeSean McCoy will be next. Ok, I'll just shut up now...

Say it aint so, Brett Favre is retiring for a third time

In what is becoming an annual NFL summer tradition, which is Brett Favre's retirement announcement. The Vikings have to be pulling leaves off a dandelion in hopes that Brett Favre "loves them" and doesn't "love them not." Otherwise, if Favre retires they're looking at a season of Sage Rosenfels or Tavaris Jackson under center. That's the difference between having a 13-3 team contending for a Super Bowl or a mediocre team struggling to make the playoffs.

Roger Goodell Cleared Michael Vick on Club Shooting

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell officially cleared Michael Vick of any wrong-doing in the shooting which took place after his birthday party in Virginia Beach. Goodell believes he's telling the truth - at least for now.

Michael Nutter Says it's time to drop DROP

It's no secret that Philadelphia is making themselves look like fools on a daily basis when they cut services such as fire departments and libraries while allowing programs like DROP to exist. Today Michael Nutter said it's time to "drop" Drop, which stands for Deferred Retirement Option Program, which is a huge tax burden upon tax payers and allows soon-to-be retired city workers to set a retirement date and start accruing pension payments in an interest-bearing account. If most of America has to support their own retirement funds by contributing to 401Ks if their lucky then there's no reason in hell why tax payers should pay for an absurd program like DROP.