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Eagles Defend Michael Vick, Jeffrey Lurie State of the Team Address, Obama Carnival Game, and more


The Omelette Thursday August 5, 2010 Edition

Eagles continue to defend Michael Vick at all costs

Now that Michael Vick won't be suspended by the NFL - Banner, Reid, and Lurie are all doing their job to spin this in the right direction. Andy Reid was on Howard Eskin's show the other day on 610 WIP and went out of his way to explain what a "nice guy" Michael Vick is. Joe Banner said their evidence rules out Vick being involved in any funny business that night (of the shooting).  Derek over at the Iggles Blog hit the nail on the head with regards to the Vick situation by stating, "The whole "high standards" bit seems like it should apply just as much to the team.  And right now it sure looks like they're hiding something, since "much of [the story] is very different from what was and still has been reported," according to Banner himself."

Jeffrey Lurie Gives State of the Team Address

And, Jeffrey Lurie gave his annual state of the team address Wednesday and wanted to make it known how much of a great teammate Michael Vick is: "Michael has been absolutely the best player we have in the community. I don't want to lose sight of that." What will Lurie say if Vick is at another party when the "ish" hits the fan?

Mummy Bandit Busted

Police busted the "Mummy Bandit" Wednesday, who has been robbing banks in the area while dressed up as a mummy. Police nabbed him when he showed up to the bank with his wife and kids. Brilliant!

Is this really an Obama carnival game?

There is outrage over a carnival game in Roseto, PA. A man allegedly created a game where contestents shoot foam darts at an African American man in a suit who looks like Obama and even has what looks like a presidential seal over his chest. Decide for yourself by checking out NBCPhiladelphia's article on the Obama Carnival Game.

Prop 8 Shot Down in California

Proposition 8 has been ruled unconstitutional by a Federal judge in California today. This ruling could go to the Supreme Court and set the stage for either a constitutional ban on gay marriage or an amendment in favor of it. Let's see if Antonin Scalia sticks to his originalist philosophy (leaving emotion out of it) if this heads to the Supreme Court.