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Darren Daulton Honored, Desean Jackson Back, and Andy Reid's Madden Diet


The Omelette Saturday August 7, 2010 Edition

Darren Daulton Honored by Phillies

Last night, Darren Daulton was honored by the Phillies and was enshrined on the Phillies Wall of Fame. Daulton has come a long ways in recent years. A few years ago he was talking to horseshoe crabs on a beach and now he's a post-game analyst and seemingly normal once again. He even touched on it last night abuot rumors of his insanity.

DeSean Jackson is "back"

Desean Jackson (out with an injured back since last Saturday) was back at practice yesterday. Jackson still won't talk about the "C" word - the contract that is.

Andy Reid Gets Virtual Diet on Madden 2011

Andy Reid requested that the folks at EA Sports slim him down some in the Madden 2011 game. They acquiesced "Big Red."