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Allentown Fair, Hurricane Earl Latest, Pennhurst Haunted House, and Obama Iraq War Speech


The Omelette Wednesday September, 1 2010 Edition

Allentown Fair Will Have Serious Star Power

This year's Allentown Fair in Allentown, PA is underway. According to The Allentown Fair's Official Site, in it's 158th year, they will feature Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellum, Weezer, and Rush. Now that's one heck of an eclectic lineup! The Allentown Fair runs from August 31st to September 6th.

Hurricane Earl Won't Make Landfall, but Will Affect U.S.

Hurricane Earl is coming closer to the U.S. and is expected to start affecting the Carolinas sometime tomorrow. Don't expect Hurricane Earl to ruin the Labor Day Weekend if you're hanging out on the Jersey Shore.

Pennhurst Haunted House Proposal Outrages Many

There is a proposal on the table to turn the former Pennhurst State Hospital into a haunted house. Brilliant idea if you ask me. For many of us, we have been sneaking back there for years to check out the abandoned former state hospital. Now, we get to legally set foot in there and experience it and it's awesome scariness. Not to mention, it creates jobs, which is all we can ask for these days in this brutal economy.

Obama Speech Highlights End of Combat Portion of Iraq War

The  Washington Post's Eugene Robinson praised President Obama in his speech last night on the Iraq War for his gravitas. And, then we have Fox News which cites his "style over substance." Huffington Post, which is generally very pro-Obama said it was an unimpressive speech.