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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Philadelphia Kraft Factory Shooting, Carl Greene, Terry Jones, and more


The Omelette Friday September 10, 2010 Edition: Weekly Roundup

Kraft Factory Shooting Leaves 2 People Dead

A woman is in custody after murdering two co-workers and injuring another in a shooting inside a Kraft Factory in Northeast Philadelphia. The 43-year-old disgruntled employee locked herself in an office and shot at authorities in order to make it difficult to get at victims according to NBC Philadelphia. She was just suspended and escorted from the building, then returned 10 minutes later and crashed her car through a security gate and went inside the building and began opening fire. The woman is identified as Yvonne Hiller.

And, now the roundup:

The 2010 NFL season kicked off last night between the Saints and Vikings with the Saints knocking off the Vikings 14-9 in a defensive slugfest. The game last night was the exact opposite of their NFC Championship match-up in January when the Saints won 31-28.

Reverend Terry Jones, cannot make up his mind whether he's calling off the Quran Burning on September 11th or not. Thursday evening it was announced it would be cancelled after he reached an agreement with the Imman in New York City to move the location of an Islamic Community Center away from the Ground Zero area. Then he reneged and that the Quran burning was just "suspended" after learning that they "mosque" (really a community center) would not be definitely moved.

The Phillies didn't even have to play Thursday night and saw their lead in the NL East increase to 1 game after the Braves fell to Adam Wainwright and the Cards.

Carl Greene is in some serious trouble and not even John Street will defend him. In fact Street feels betrayed by the soon-to-be former PHA Director. Well, it's not official, but seriously this guy is shadier than a palm tree. It won't be long before Greene is indicted. When John Street turns on somebody, you know they have to be radioactive. Put a fork in Carl Greene.

Tom Brady was in a minor car accident Thursday morning and then became a little bit richer Thursday night when it was announced Brady re-upped for another four years. He will receive $19 million per year with his new contract according to NBC's Peter King.

Finally, the Phillies begin the 6-game road trip tonight when they take on the Mets at 7:10 at Citi Field.