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Eagles Season Opener Injuries, Roy Oswalt Shuts Out Mets, and Lady Gaga at VMA's


The Omelette Monday September 13, 2010 Edition

Eagles Disastrous Season Opener

The Eagles' 27-20 loss to the Packers didn't appear to be a bad loss when you look at it on paper. But, let's take a look at the injuries. Injured Starting QB-check. Injured Starting Middle Linebacker-check. Injured starting center-check. Injured starting fullback-check. Yep, you read that correctly, the Eagles lost Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley, Jamaal Jackson, and Leonard Weaver to injuries. Fortunately Kevin Kolb will only miss next week's game with a concussion. Same goes for Stewart Bradley. However, Leonard Weaver will likely miss the season based on how severe injury looked. Word is he tore his ACL. And, Jamaal Jackson (who now is another injury prone Eagle) tore his bicep and will likely miss the season. Can we really count on Jackson anymore? He came off a torn ACL injury and promptly tore his bicep in his first game back. All in all this game was a cluster (you know what) for the Eagles. The score didn't tell the entire story. Michael Vick played well in the second half, but much of what is garbage time. Face it, this game was over by the end of the third quarter. When you add up the injuries, this might be the most disastrous Eagles season opener since Randall Cunningham tore his ACL against (guess who) the Packers at the hands of Bryce Paup in 1991. The Eagles are in trouble. For the full breakdown on the game yesterday and other fun facts, check out Steve Olenski's The Morning After colum.

Phillies Knock Off Mets 3-0

Even though the Eagles laid an egg on Sunday, the Phillies (our true "Gold Standard" in Philly) stepped up in a big game against the Mets. The Phillies bounced back Sunday to defeat the Mets 3-0. Roy Oswalt threw a four-hit shutout against the Mets to give the Phils a 1/2 game lead over the Braves in the NL East. With pitching like this, the Phillies needn't worry about their offensive inconsistencies as they head into October. Their 1-2-3 punch of Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels gives them arguably their best pitching staff in franchise history.

Lady Gaga Wins 8 VMAs

There were no real controversial moments at the MTV Video Music Awards this year unlike last year which featured Kanye West's bizzarre upstaging of Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga was the talk of last night, with her bizarre outfits, obnoxious shoes, and of course winning 8 VMA's for "Bad Romance."