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Phillies Still in 1st, President Obama In Philly, Allen Iverson To China, Michael Vick, and Kevin Kolb


The Omelette Tuesday September 14, 2010 Edition

Phillies Knock Off Marlins 11-4, Remain in 1st

The Phillies remain one game ahead of the Braves in the NL East after knocking off the Marlins 11-4 last night. The Braves kept pace by defeating the Nationals 4-0.

President Obama in Philly Today

President Obama will be in Philadelphia today as he speaks to children at the Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School. Obama's visit is described as a non-political event, in which he will emphasize the importance of "dreaming big" to youngsters.

A.I. Heading to China?

Things are so bad for Allen Iverson these days that he might have to resort to playing in China just to stay afloat. It's no secret that he has squandered tens of millions of dollars and will play as long as he can to stay afloat. He's drawing zero interest from NBA teams so China may be his next move.

Eagles Criticized for Playing Kolb and Bradley

The Eagles are taking a lot of theat for allowing Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley to return to the game yesterday after suffering concussions. The union may look into the matter.

Michael Vick Dissing Kolb?

Michael Vick stated yesterday that had he been in the game for four quarters the Eagles might have won the game. Just what the Eagles need after losing Leonard Weaver and Jamaal Jackson for the season. Big Red had better bring Vick into the office and get him to keep his trap shut.