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Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley Concussions, Vick Starting, Phils Win, and Man Falls From Sky


The Omelette Thursday September 16, 2010 Edition

Stewart Bradley and Kevin Kolb Fail Concussion Tests

Looks like Michael Vick will start his first NFL game in about four years this Sunday. Kevin Kolb failed his second concussion test yesterday as did Stewart Bradley. They will also have to take a third test with an independent doctor. The NFL requires players to pass three tests in order to return to the field. Expect Kolb and Bradley to be out until week 3. Vick and Omar Gaither will take their respective places.

Phillies Sweep the Marlins With 10-5 Win

Roy Halladay struck out nine over six innings Wednesday night and won his 19th game. With one more win, he'll become the first Phillie to win 20 games since Steve Carlton won 23 games in 1982.

Mysterious Man Falls From Sky in New Jersey

A really bizarre story was run on NBC 10 last night. Witnesses reported seeing a man fall from the sky without a parachute or from a hang glider in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey. There was no sign of a plane nearby either. And, authorities couldn't find him in the wooded area where he allegedly fell. Strange stuff.

It May Finally Rain Today!

It has rained just once in the past three weeks in the Philadelphia area. For those of us (like myself) looking to start a new lawn, this is great news. Expect some rain later this afternoon to quell this drought.