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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Eagles Injuries, Vick, Phillies, Joaquin Phoenix, Jon Stewart, Brooklyn Tornado and more


The Omelette Friday September 17, 2010 Edition: Weekly Roundup

Philadelphia Eagles' Dreadful Start to the Season

The beginning of the 2010 NFL Season might be the rockiest start to a season the Philadelphia Eagles have ever had. Their quarterback of the future Kevin Kolb got a concussion in the first half of the season opener against Green Bay. Their starting middle linebacker Stewart Bradley, fresh off an injury from last year (torn ACL) also got a concussion. And, Jamaal Jackson, also fresh off an ACL injury is out for the year with a torn tricep. As if that's not bad enough, Leonard Weaver may have played his last game in the NFL after tearing all four knee ligaments in a gruesome injury. Michael Vick will start for the Eagles on Sunday when they take on the Detroit Lions. Bottom line is Eagles fans will have to accept the growing pains if they want Kevin Kolb as the quarterback.

Phillies Are Three Up on the Braves

The Phillies, contrary to the Eagles had a great week. They pulled ahead of the Atlanta Braves by 3 games in the NL East after sweeping the Marlins. There are just 15 games left and

And, now the roundup:

Last night a series of nasty thunderstorms rocked Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. But, what was really unusual was the report of a tornado spotted in Brooklyn of all places. I for one cannot remember hearing about a tornado in New York City in my lifetime. Check out this incredible video of the Brooklyn Tornado

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia embarked upon it's 6th season last night.

Jon Stewart is planning a "Rally to Restore Sanity" which is a counter to Glenn Beck's recent "Restoring Honor Rally."

Big shocker here (not), the Joaquin Phoenix documentary was all a put-on. Director Casey Affleck let the cat out of the bag and said Joaquin Phoenix was portraying a character for the past two years. Who really didn't suspect this anyway. Either Phoenix was doing this for a publicity stunt for this documentary or he went insane. Joaquin Phoenix will appear on Letterman next Wednesday (the 22nd) for the first time since his "meltdown" last year.

Lastly, The Eagles will visit Detroit this Sunday to take on the Lions at 1:00.