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Sugar House Casino Opening, Phillies Win 10th Straight, and Kolb to Be Traded


The Omelette Thursday September 23, 2010 Edition

Sugar House Casino Opens Today in Philadelphia

Philadelphia's first casino the Sugar House Casino finally opens today at 1:30 PM. The long-awaited casino finally opens amid years of haggling and red tape.

Summer Ends With Bang

Yesterday marked the final day of summer as temperatures hit 90 degrees throughout much of the area. Then the fireworks began shortly after dinner time, with major thunderstorms occuring throughout the area.

Phillies Win 1-0 Thriller, Sweeping Braves

The Phillies sweeped the Braves last night with a 1-0 win. They are now up 6 games on the Braves with 9 to play. It's just about time to put a fork in the Braves.

Kevin Kolb to Be Traded?

Kevin Kolb has been handling this screw-job extremely well. He's saying all the right things and being nothing but gracious about Michael Vick's promotion to starter. The word is the Browns and other teams are interested in trading for Kolb. The plot continues to thicken...