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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Vick Over Kolb, Sugarhouse Casino, Phillies Sweep Braves, Mark Zuckerberg, Katy Perry, Carl Greene, and more


The Omelette Friday September 24, 2010 Weekly Roundup

Michael Vick Starting over Kevin Kolb

This week Andy Reid did a major about face when he reneged on his promise to go with Kevin Kolb this Sunday by promoting Michael Vick to starter for the rest of the season. Kolb is likely done in Philadelphia and may be traded before the trade deadline.

Phillies Sweep Braves: Magic Number Now Four

The Phillies are now up a commanding six games on the Braves after sweeping them this week. There are just 10 games left in the regular season, which means the Phillies' magic number is now "4."

Sugarhouse Casino Opens in Philadelphia on Thursday

The Sugarhouse Casino opened in Philly yesterday, which makes Philadelphia the largest city in America with a casino. The project was in the works for years and finally opened after being delayed due to debate over the location.

And, now the wrapup....

Lindsay Lohan failed her drug test and will probably go back to jail. Katy Perry's highly anticipated appearance on Sesame Street got yanked before being aired when the clip aired on Youtube due to her cleavage. President Obama was in Philly this week for a Joe Sestak fundraiser. Facebook had an epic outage yesterday for a few hours which resulted in the internet apocalypse. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made the PR move of all PR moves by donating $100 million to Newark's school system the same that that David Fincher's "Social Network" movie comes out which doesn't paint the rosiest portrait of Zuckerberg.

Finally Carl Greene was fired by the board of the Philadelphia PHA. John Street called Carl Greene "The Tiger Woods of Public Housing" and called him "a genius." To call Carl Greene a genius and compare him to Tiger Woods is like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a good cook. You have to be a real criminal for John Street to criticize you, considering how corrupt John Street was while serving as Mayor of Philly! Carl Greene was nothing more than an overpaid, corrupt crook. He was perfect for Philadelphia's corrupt political system. Good riddance.