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Phillies Clinch NL East Division, Vick-Mania in Philly, and Reward Out For Hit-and-Run Driver


The Omelette Tuesday September 27, 2010 Edition

Phillies Clinch Fourth Straight NL East Division

The Phillies claimed their fourth straight NL East Division title last night with a 7-0 win down in Washington. The game got sloppier as it went on, but Roy Halladay was his usual dominant-self going the distance for a shutout and allowing just a pair of hits. Now, it's time to rest the regulars and get ready for the 2010 World Series Title run. Don't forget to check out Joe Vallee's latest Keep on Phightin' column as he breaks down his top 5 concerns for the Phillies as they head into the playoffs.

Vick-Mania in Philadelphia...McNabb Up Next

What a difference a little over a year, 2 wins, 6 touchdowns, and 10 great quarters of football makes. It's officially Michael Vick mania in Philadelphia. Sure, there are a few of us who "thought" Vick would eventually be the Eagles' quarterback last year, but could they honestly have predicted his meteroric rise to stardom would take just a few starts? As Steve Olenski stated in The Morning After, Michael Vick does give the Eagles a better chance to win (now) because of his ability to keep plays alive. This week will be the most highly-anticipated Eagles game since that guy named T.O. put on a Dallas jersey for the first time in '06 and came to Philly when Donovan McNabb and the Redskins make the trip up Route I-95 to take on the Birds.

Reward Out for Driver Who Hit and Killed 2-Year-Old Child

Philadelphia has been rife with cases of animal hoarding, drug deals gone wrong, rapes, and many other vile deeds, but a few days ago the city reached a new low when the driver of a Mercdes Benz hit a woman and killed her 2-year-old boy in South Philly. The car is described as a late model four-door silver Mercedes CLS with 19-inch chrome wheels and low profile tires. Let's figure out this equation here: late model Mercedes + chrome wheels + low profile tires + horrific hit-and-run of a child = the behavior of a thug. Unfortunately, the thug who drove this vehicle has probably since ditched the car and will never be found. Once again another thug in Philadelphia commits a crime and will unlikely ever see a courtroom over this cowardly act.