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Fairmount Park Assault, McNabb-Vick, and Phillies Boredom


The Omelette Wednesday September 29, 2010 Edition

Woman Found in Fairmount Park, Partially-Clothed and Duct-taped

A woman was found yesterday afternoon in Fairmount Park, allegedly the victim of an abduction which occurred in North Philly and ended in the park. She was found partially clothed and duct taped. Reports are that she was raped and the investigation continues.

Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb...take your pick

Sure, the Eagles sold us the bill of goods that they were trading Donovan McNabb so that Kevin Kolb could begin his ascent as the next great Eagles quarterback, but we now know that is probably hogwash. Suffice it to say Michael Vick is the guy (given the circumstances) but would you want Vick or McNabb in there?

Tornado Rips Through Chester County Monday

Turns out those storms we had on Monday resulted in a tornado in Chester County. Residents of New London bore witness to a twister on Monday.

Phillies' Clinch Monday Night, Now is Boredom Setting In?

Now that the Phillies are NL East champs for the 4th straight year and that they have home-field advantage in the NL, will they succumb to boredom? They lost to the Nationals tonight and won't play a meaningful game until the middle of next week when the playoffs start. Our main worry at this point should be if they are rusty in game one against (insert unknown opponent here) next Wednesday.