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Christchurch Earthquake, Blowout Preventer, Iran-Taliban, Mark Hurd, Steven Slater, Robert Schimmel Photo: Labor Day Weekend News


The Omelette Sunday September 5, 2010 Labor Day Weekend Edition

Labor Day Weekend has been a rather slow news weekend and here's the latest.

Christchurch Earthquake in New Zealand

Residents of the city of Christchurch in New Zealand continue to feel the effects of magnitude 7.0 earthquake from a few days ago, as aftershocks continued. This earthquake was as powerful as the one which occured in Haiti this past January, resulting in mass destruction throughout Haiti. Fortunately, New Zealand is a pretty well-developed nation and is equipped to deal with earthquakes of this magnitude.

BP's Blowout Preventer Taken Into Custody

Measuring 50 feet and weighing 350 tons, BP's Blowout Preventer was brought to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. This blowout preventer was taken into custody by U.S. authorities and is one of the main culprits behind the BP Oil Spill. Now, U.S. authorities will get a chance to find out why the blowout preventer failed.

Internet Sickos Seek out Robert Schimmel Post-Accident Photo

Of course any time there is a death involving a celebrity, the sickos come out of the woodwork hoping to find photos or footage. This time it involves comedian Robert Schimmel who passed away yesterday from injuries suffered from a serious car accident. One of the top google searches is "robert schimmel photo." Looks like the internet sickies are looking for an alleged photo of Robert Schimmel after his car accident. Websites out there are hoping to capitalize on this claiming they have the photo. Just goes to show how low some people are willing to go to get hits on their blogs.

Iran Possibly Supported Taliban Attacks Against U.S. Troops

There is a report out there that Iran allegedly paid off Taliban fighters for attacks against U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Steven Slater Fired From Jetblu

Working class hero Steven Slater, who is a working class hero and famous for walking off his job last month has been fired from Jetblue. Was this a surprise to anybody?

Mark Hurd to Become Oracle CEO

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd is set to become Oracle's new CEO according to reports.