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Phillies Marlins Split, DRPA's $775K Contributions, and Google Balls Homepage Logo


The Omelette Tuesday September 7, 2010 Edition

Phillies and Marlins Split Doubleheader

It was a tale of two games yesterday with the Phillies-Marlins doubleheader. The Phillies looked completely lifeless in the afternoon game, falling 7-1. Vance Worley made his debut, allowing 2 runs in 5 innings. Then in the night game they defeated the Marlins 7-4. Roy Oswalt got the victory and Brad Lidge recorded the save.

DRPA Contributed $775K to local charities

The Delaware River Port Authority is accused of some possible corruption by donating $775K to charities with ties to members of it's board according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. This looks bad on DRPA's part due to the fact that revenues from tolls (i.e. the $5 toll on the Whitman) should be used for maintanence of bridges. Instead they're using some of that money on hand-outs.

Google Rolls Out Whacky Homepage Today With Balls

If you check out Google's homepage today you'll see they've done something rather odd and whacky with their logo. Once you arrive on the Google homepage, a series of balls in the "Google colors" fly all over the screen and join together forming the Google logo. When you mouse over them they also fly all over the screen and join together. This would probably give the "Double Rainbow" guy a brain anuerysm. Just what does this Google Balls Logo mean? Some dub it a Google Particle Simulator and others dub it the Google Logo Doodle. However you slice it and dice it, Google rolled out their Animated Balls Logo in celebration of their 12th Birthday.google balls homepage birthday