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Snowstorm Set To Arrive in Philadelphia This Afternoon, Tom Delay Prison Sentence, and Massive Fire in West Philadelphia


The Omelette Tuesday January 11, 2011

Snowstorm Set to Arrive in Philadelphia Area Tuesday Afternoon

Once again a snow storm is set to arrive during rush hour, but this time it won't be in the morning. Rather it will hit right when we're driving home from work this afternoon. The good thing is this isn't expected to be a collosal storm, at least not in the Philadelphia-area. New Jersey is expected to be hardest hit especially along the coast. Seems like an ongoing pattern. 2-4 inches are expected in Berks and Western Montgomery County and 4-8 inches are expected near Philly. Jersey will get much more.

Tom Delay Gets Three Years in Prison

Former Speaker of the House Tom Delay is going to prison for three years. Delay was convicted in a scheme where he conspired to launder corporate campaign money to candidates during the 2002 election. Delay, who is clearly delusional feels no remorse because he doesn't feel like he did anything wrong. Delay's crime is pretty cut and dry - corporate contributions are illegal in Texas and Delay tried to skirt that. Corporate donations cannot be contributed to candidates either directly or indirectly. Good to see a corrupt politican like this is getting what's coming to him. Too bad he won't go to a hardcore prison. Delay was once one of the most powerful people in politics and is now the highest-profile politician in quite some time who will serve significant prison time. It's quite a fall for the Former House Majority Leader.

Massive Fire Displaces 100 Residents in West Philadelphia

In very sad news, a massive fire raged through an apartment complex in West Philadelphia Monday afternoon. 140 firefighters fought the blaze for 5 hours before extinguishing it. 90 units were destroyed and over 100 people will be homeless.