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President Obama Recaptures 2008 Energy With Tucson Speech, Darby Ban on Saving Shoveled Parking Spots, and Man Pulls Gun Over Plowed Spot


The Omelette Thursday January 13, 2011

President Obama Recaptures Energy From 2008 With Tucson Speech

Some feel that the cheers were inappropriate given the circumstances surrounding President Obama's Tucson speech, but it's clear he has recaptured the spirit and energy which helped him get elected in 2008. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave major props to Obama over his Tucson Speech by bringing people together and leaving politics out of it. The Washington Post weighed in as well and said Obama's Tucson speech had a "good heart", but time will tell if it's a great speech. Face it, the Tucson shooting is the biggest national tragedy under President Obama's watch. Like Reagan, Bush, and Clinton - he had to answer the call and did.

Darby Township's Ordinance To Stop Saving Shoveled Snow Parking Spots

Darby Township police are sick of picking up trash cans and chairs which end up in the street. Therefore, Darby Township Commissioners have passed a law which makes it illegal to save those parking spots you bust your rear-end shoveling out. Now if you spend an hour or two shoveling that spot, it's perfectly OK for someone to take your spot and leaving you without a spot. 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve had an interesting discussion about the "code" surrounding parking spots. For many who have driveways they could care less, but for the many citizens who have to fight over parking spots on the street it's a nightmare every winter. Darby's decision to fine people $300 to $1000 is a joke and nothing more than a money grab.

Man Pulls Gun on Someone Over Plowed in Parking Spot

The snow is bringing out the worst in people when it comes to parking spots. Let's turn our attention to Bensalem where a man (Eddie Simmons) got ticked off when someone plowed his car in at an apartment parking lot. He saw a man using a snowblower outside and proceeded to put a gun to his head and demand he remove the snow from his car. Turns out the subcontractor wasn't the one who plowed his car in. Eddie Simmons wasn't having any of that and said someone had to remove the snow or they would be shot. Now Eddie Simmons is looking at doing 20 years in prison for thugging out.