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Lakewood NJ Cop Killer Is Caught, Sean McDermott Fired, Eagles to Interview Jim Mora Jr., and Social Network Wins Four Golden Globe Awards


The Omelette Monday January 17, 2011

Lakewood New Jersey Cop Killer Arrested Sunday Morning

19-year-old Jahmell W. Crockam, the murderer of Officer Christopher Matlosz was captured and arrested without incident on Sunday morning. Crockam committed a brutal murder of Officer Matlosz when he approaced Crokham on a street and asked him questions during a routine stop Friday afternoon. Crockham then proceeded to pull out a gun and fire three shots at Matlosz at point-blank range, killing him immediately. According to the New York Post, Crockham is a member of the Bloods and they aren't happy about the New Jersey Police taking the iniatitive in hunting down the murderer (Crockham) of Officer Latosz. They allege the Bloods are putting out a bounty on New Jersey cops in retaliation.

Andy Reid Fires Sean McDermott...Who Will Be His Fall Guy Next Year?

Last year Andy Reid made Donovan McNabb his fall guy. Granted, the Donovan McNabb era had run it's course, but it was evident that Andy Reid's poor coaching (when it counted) was to blame for the Eagles' playoff losses over the past several years. This time around, Andy Reid made Sean McDermott his fall guy and fired him this past week. While the Eagles' defense was atrocious - Sean McDermott should have never been hired to begin with. This was Andy Reid's decision. Also, Andy Reid picked the players Sean McDermott had to go to battle with. Brodrick Bunkley, Mike Patterson, and Trevor Laws are nothing more than mediocre defensive tackles at best. And, Andy Reid also coached the so-called vaunted offense which fell apart against the Vikings and the Packers. Added to that, Andy Reid is winless in his last three playoff games dating back to the 2009 NFC Championship. When the Eagles come up short against next year, who will he blame?

Eagles to Interview Jim Mora Jr. to Replace Sean McDermott

Reports are that the Eagles may interview Jim Mora Jr. as their next defensive coordinator. This would be a great move by the Eagles. While Mora has had ups and downs as a head coach, his defenses have been quite successful. The Eagles should have hired a defensive coordinator with a pedigree to begin with when they replaced Jim Johnson, but at least they're going that direction now it seems. Dick Jauron and Jim Mora Jr. are the leading candidates to take over as the Eagles' next defensive coordinator.

Social Network Wins Big at Golden Globe Awards

In a year where there isn't one movie expected to win a dozen awards at either the Golden Globe Awards or at the Oscars (when they're announced) Social Network cleaned house last night. In all, Social Network took home four Golden Globe Awards - winning for Best Picture, Best Director (David Fincher), Best Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), and Best Original Music (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross). Social Network is expected to receive many Academy Award nominations, once they are announced on January 25th.