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Kensington Strangler Identified and Arrested, Camden Police Layoffs Travesty, and Wikileaks Swiss Bank


The Omelette Tuesday January 18, 2011

Kensington Strangler Arrested Shortly After Press Conference

During last night's press conference, the identity of the (alleged) Kensington Strangler was revealed. Police said the man, 21-year-old Antonio Rodriguez was linked to all three murders by a DNA match. Rodriguez was spotted shortly afterwards when a caller said he was staying at a home in Kensington.The Kensington Strangler is responsible for the rapes and strangling-deaths of three women and five other attacks.

Camden Police Layoffs Begin Today

The City of Camden will begin laying off half their police force beginning today. The Guardian Angels will take to the streets for the next four months to aid citizens. For a city like Camden to lay off half their police force is beyond an outrage; it's criminal. The Mayor and all responsible parties should be thrown out of office and charged with criminal negligence. The thugs in Camden were so brazen that they actually printed up t-shirts marking the day when the police layoffs would begin. Brace yourselves people - Camden is about to get ugly, really ugly. New Jersey could have another Detroit on it's hands.

Wikileaks To Expose Celebrities Who are Tax Cheats Through Swiss Bank Leak

I have changed my position in regards to Julian Assange since I wrote a scathing article about his Wikileaks site a few months back. While I don't agree with his exposure of sensitive American military documents, you cannot question his motive to expose wrongdoings. He has exposed the Russian government for being tied to the Russian mafia. And, he apparently will expose banks in the United States for corrupt practices which nearly resulted in the collapse of our Economic system. That is a noble pursuit no matter how you slice it or dice it. Now, Assange's Wikileaks site is going to expose celebrities and politicians who are tax evaders through their Swiss Bank account details. Assange should be applauded for doing that as well all know how many powerful and wealthy people "cheat" to get richer and richer. This will just further cement that fact.

Nasty Winter Storm Hits Area in Time for Morning Rush

Once again our morning commute is affected as temperatures were in the 20's all day yesterday before snow began to fall last night. Then of course it changed to rain which made for a sheet of ice over top of that snow from last night. Suffice it to say this winter stinks on ice...pun intended. Major roadways are OK, but side streets were a mess throughout the Delaware Valley.