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Gas Explosion in Philadelphia, Glenn Beck Says Philadelphia Sucks, and More Snow Coming


The Omelette Wednesday January 19, 2011

Huge Gas Explosion Rocks Tacone Section of Philadelphia

PGW workers were called to the scene of a gas main leak on Torresdale Avenue in the Tacone section of Philadelphia last night. Upon coming to the scene, the gas main exploded resulting in the death of one PGW worker. This explosion comes on the heels of another gas explosion a week ago involving an elderly woman in Cinamminson. Residents reported being knocked to their feet within a block of the Tacone gas explosion last night. For a video of the Philadelphia gas explosion check out NBC Philadelphia right here. Dozens of residents have been evacuated from their homes.

Glenn Beck Rips Philadelphia After Radio Show Gets Cancelled

Glenn Beck is taking his ball and going home. After his show got cancelled in Philadelphia and New York he ripped Philadelphia. In ignorant fashion he said the area around Independence Hall is an area where you're in risk of being murdered. He is right that Philadelphia has a crime problem, but certainly not around Independence Hall. That's a flat out lie. And, he then told his producer that Philadelphia sucks.

More snow coming this Friday

Get ready for more snow. It is supposed to start snowing tomorrow night into Friday morning. And, next week another storm is expected. Anybody care to wager that it snows during the morning rush hour commute?