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Keith Olbermann Ouster Mirrors Conan O'Brien NBC Feud, Eagles Interested in Albert Haynesworth, and Eagles to Interview Saints Dennis Allen


The Omelette Sunday January 23, 2011

Keith Olbermann's Firing From MSNBC Was a Long Time Coming

According to a few sources, when MSNBC (Comcast) abruptly fired Keith Olbermann on Friday night, this had been coming for a long time. According to The Washington Post, Olbermann often clashed with co-workers at MSNBC. And, things took a turn for the worse when he was suspended over the political donation controversy back in November. Local blogger Laura Goldman who writes for "Naked Philadelphian" claims that she spoke to executives at Comcast and they were "part of the equation" of Olbermann's ouster from MSNBC.

According to the New York Post, there is a clause in the agreement stating that Olbermann will be off the air until the fall. Olbermann reportedly will not be allowed to talk about the details involving his departure as he will sign a confidentiality agreement. This whole Keith Olbermann-MSNBC fiasco reminds me of NBC's Conan O'Brien-Jay Leno saga last January, when NBC paid off O'Brien and kept him off the air until the fall. The only difference is the Conan O'Brien situation festered and got really ugly at the end with O'Brien taking shots at NBC during his final days on the show. Olbermann's relationship with MSNBC was apparently ugly behind closed doors. More will likely come out. Stay tuned.

Eagles Could Be Interested in Albert Haynesworth..Jim Washburn Could Be Key

First, we gave you the scoop on Leonard Weaver on Friday dispelling a rumor that his career was done. Now one of our insiders at Philly2Philly apparently spoke to someone in-the-know on the Eagles squad and they are going to make a push to bring Albert Haynesworth aboard. The source claims that Haynesworth will play hard for Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn, who has turned numerous defensive linemen into Pro Bowlers. Washburn coached Haynesworth in Tennessee and they had a very good working relationship. Haynesworth is a nut-job though, but if anyone can get through to him it's Jiim Washburn.

On a side note, tell me this doesn't stick in your craw. The Eagles had Jason Babin on their team in 2009. They didn't bother re-signing him and he went to Tennessee and turned in a Pro Bowl season under Washburn's tutelage. How would you like to have Babin on the opposite side of Trent Cole now?

Eagles to Interview Saints Defensive Backs Coach Dennis Allen For Defensive Coordinator

The Eagles may finally have a replacement for Sean McDermott, who was fired last Saturday.  They are set to interview Saints defensive backs coach Dennis Allen. Before you start chuckling, don't dismss Allen, who coached a staff which ranked 4th in the NFL in passing defense. The Saints also yielded an NFL-low 13 touchdowns during the regular season, compared to the Eagles' NFL-worst 31 passing touchdowns surrendered.