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Local Student Brandon Ford To Meet President Obama, Rahm Emanuel Removed From Mayoral Ballot, and Oscar Nominations


The Omelette Tuesday January 25, 2011

Local Student Brandon Ford To Meet President Obama

As President Obama gets set for the State of the Union Address tonight - a really incredible story involving a local high school student emerged today. Brandon Ford, a West Philadelphia High School student was invited to sit in Michell Obama's box at the State of the Union Address. Ford's story is pretty interesting. He and his classmates were invited to meet the President at The White House before but ford forgot his I.D. and wasn't allowed to meet with him. Afterwards, he got the invite.

Rahm Emanuel Gets Hosed By the Illinois Court

An Illinois court ruled that Rahm Emanuel cannot be on the Chicago Mayoral Election Ballot and removed his name yesterday. Their reasoning? Emanuel is not a legal resident of Chicago. Now, Emanuel will have to fight to get his name back on the ballot or simply run as a write-in. He is the favorite to win the election so if he wins as a write-in this could be a moot point.

Academy Award Nominations at 8:30 A.M.

The Oscar Nominations will be announced at 8:30 A.M. Don't expect too many surprises. Social Network, The King's Speech, and Inception should get Best Picture noms. And, James Franco and Natalie Portman will get theirs.