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Philadelphia Area Snow Totals, SEPTA Passengers Stranded For Hours, and Preston and Steve Break the News to John Bolaris


The Omelette Thursday January 27, 2011

Snow Totals In and Around the Philadelphia Area

Well it's official, the weather experts blew it on this one...totally. Over the weekend they said this storm would turn into rain. Then the other night it would be 4 to 8 inches, then at the last minute (after failing to predict the morning quicky blizzard) they changed their forecast to 10 to 15 inches in the area. In Berks County most residents got around 13-14 inches. Philadelphia had around 15". If you anywhere near the city or north and west of it you are digging out from over a foot of snow today. Residents throughout the area also reported thundersnow last night, which is essentially a thunderstorm during a powerful snowstorm. The brunt of the storm occured between 6 P.M. and midnight last night, but dumped snow at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour throughout much of the area.

SEPTA Passengers Stranded for Hours Overnight

SEPTA has done it again by screwing up in a unique way. Turns out 150 buses were stranded last night and some of them were out there with people in them. SEPTA spokeswoman Heather Redfern told Good Day Philadelphia "Some of them spent overnight on the buses and we have 40 buses out there." Fox 29's Dave Schratwieser confirmed that one bus was stuck at 71st and Broad Street, and nine people chose to stay on the bus.

Preston and Steve Break the Viral News to John Bolaris

John Bolaris had no idea that a funny image of his weathermap drawing was making the rounds of the internet. Deadspin posted a photo of Bolaris' weathermap drawing which oddly looked like a penis. When Bolaris called into 93.3 WMMRs Preston and Steve they broke the news to him. Bolaris' response was "oh my god." He took it like a champ though.