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Eagles Back-ups Lose to Cowboys, NFL Playoff Schedule Released, and Inception and Usual Suspects Actor Pete Postlethwaite Dies


The Omelette Monday January 3, 2010

Eagles Back-ups Lose to Cowboys 14-13

The Eagles preseason squad lost 14-13 to the Cowboys on Sunday. Kevin Kolb looked like Ryan Leaf yesterday in his 4-turnover effort. He ran for his life all day long behind a back-up offensive line and threw three picks and lost a fumble. Then again, anyone would like the biggest draft bust in history behind a terrible line. Demarcus Ware had a field day yesterday looking like Lawrence Taylor as he had 3 sacks and a fumble recovery for a TD. All in all yesterday's game meant nothing and it's understandable for Reid to bench his starters, but to throw Kolb to the wolves like that was a tad harsh. The Eagles take on the Packers next Sunday at 4:15 at The Linc. At least it's not a Sunday night playoff game!

NFL Playoff Schedule Released...Eagles on Sunday at 4:15

The NFL Playoff Schedule is out and as I stated already, the Eagles are set to play next Sunday at 4:15 PM against Green Bay. They will be the 4th and final game of the weeked. The other three Wildcard matchups go something like this:

Saturday, Jan 8th: (5) Saints at (4) Seahawks 4pm NBC; (6) Jets at (3) Colts 8pm NBC

Sunday, Jan 9th: (5) Ravens at (4) Chiefs 1pm CBS; (6) Packers at (3) Eagles 4:30pm FOX

Divisional Round

Saturday, Jan 15th: highest seed left between Colts/Chiefs/Ravens at (2) Steelers 4:30pm CBS; lowest seed left between Seahawks, Saints, Packers at (1) Falcons 8pm FOX

Sunday, Jan 16th: higher-seeded wild card game winner at (2) Bears 1pm FOX; lower-seeded wild card game winner at (1) Patriots 4:30pm CBS

Conference Championships

Sunday, Jan 23rd: NFC Championship Game 3pm FOX; AFC Championship Game 6:30pm CBS

Super Bowl XLV will be played between AFC and NFC Conference Champs at February 6th 6:30pm on FOX.

Actor Pete Postlethwaite From Usual Suspects and Inception Passes Away From Cancer

Pete Postlethwaite, long-time Hollywood actor passed away from cancer. Postlethwaite is best known for his roles in Usual Suspects (1995) and also played a pivotal  role in Inception (2010). He was nominated for an Academy Award in The Name of The Father in 1993. Mr. Postlethwaite was 64.