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President Obama May Be Against Mubarak In Egypt, Bowling Alley Shooting in Delaware, and Eagles to Interview Darren Perry


The Omelette Sunday January 30, 2011

President Obama May Be Leaning Towards Siding With Opposition of Mubarak in Egypt

President Obama and his Adminstration may be leaning towards siding with the opposition of President Mubarak in Egypt according to David Gregory - host of NBC's Meet the Press. Gregory, who was on NBC 10 briefly stated that the Administration is now leaning towards siding with the opposition. The Obama Administration is in a difficult situation. They must show the world they are for democracy, but at the same time Egypt is a key ally and must be stabilized. Now that the military in Egypt is not suppressing the demonstrations in Cairo it's clear that Mubarak's rule in Egypt is in it's final days. No President should serve for 30 years in any nation and it's time for change in Egypt. Opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei is calling for Mubarak to leave Egypt immediately.

Six People Shot During Shooting at Bowling Alley in Delaware

Six people were shot at a bowling alley in New Castle Delaware on Friday night. Five of the six shooting victims were from Chester. The shooting occured during a high school reunion for Chester High's Class of 2002.

Eagles to Interview Former Steelers Player and Assistant Darren Perry

Darren Perry, the current safety coach on the Green Bay Packers is the Eagles' latest candidate for their vacant defensive coordinator position. They are slated to interview Perry after the Super Bowl. Darren Perry has a great pedigree, having played for the Steelers for 7 very productive seasons. He also served as a coach for the Steelers from 2003-2006 in his coaching career.