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Mega Millions Winners in Idaho and Washington, John Wheeler Bizarre Murder Case Twist, and Conrad Murray Evidence Tampering


The Omelette Wednesday January 5, 2011

$355 Mega Millions Jackpot Yields Two Winners

Are you asking yourself  "Did anyone win the mega millions jackpot?" The answer is yes. Looks like not one, but two people drew the same winning number in last night's Mega Millions drawing. One person in Idaho and another in Washington state drew the winning numbers and will split the jackpot. If the odds are one in over 150 million of drawing the number to begin with, just what are the odds of two people drawing that same winning number? It's a pretty crazy ending to a wild lottery build-up.

John Wheeler's Murder Mystery Case Takes an Odd Twist

There are witnesses who say they encountered John Wheeler III just hours before he disappeared for good and turned up in a Delaware landfill. One witness stated that he appeared disoriented as if he was drugged and he mentioned he had been robbed and the thiefs stole his briefcase. This is a compelling twist to what is becoming a very fascinating and bizarre murder mystery of the military veteran and defense contractor. Wheeler was also a former aide of President Bush.

Conrad Murray Could Be in Deep Trouble After Evidence Points to Death Scene Tampering

Conrad Murray may have tampered with the scene of Michael Jackson's death it turns out. Allegedly, Murray ordered several items be removed prior to paramedics arriving to the scene following Michael Jackson's death. In a pretrial hearing yesterday, a US prosecutor alleges Murray tried to hide the fact that he gave Jackson a powerful dose of an anaesthetic shortly before he died. Something tells me this case will be long and drawn out much like the O.J. case with many subplots and twists.