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John Wheeler's Bizarre Final Hours, Ted Williams' Golden Voice, and Horrific Crash in Somers Point


The Omelette Thursday January 6, 2011

More Bizarre Details Emerge in John Wheeler Death Mystery

A surveilance tape has surfaced showing a disoriented John Wheeler III just hours before he disappeared. Wheeler is also being linked to an arson attempt of a home near his home in New Castle, Delaware. Apparently, Mr. Wheeler had a dispute with one of his neighbors as he felt his house was too large. And, it gets more bizarre. There was police tape in John Wheeler's home and floor boards were ripped up in the kitchen. Police are not talking of course. Let's add this up here. Wheeler gets drugged, has his briefcase stolen, gets on a train, ends up in Delaware drugged and robbed, and add this into the mix - it makes for one bizarre and convoluted scenario.

Ted Williams, homeless man with a golden voice is a superstar

Ted Williams has become an overnight media sensation. On Tuesday nobody knew who he is. Yesterday he was on a Cleveland talk show and the Cleveland Cavaliers offered the soon-to-be former homeless man a house and an announcing gig. It's one incredible story. In lieu of the dead birds and fish story in Arkansas this is a beautiful story.

Horrific Car Crash in Somers Point New Jersey

A car slammed into Gregory's Restaurant and bar early this morning in Somers Point. The passenger was killed immediately and the driver was taken to a hospital in critical condition. 1,200 people in Atlantic County are without power. And, a man was in the wrong place at the wrong time walking down the street as the car slammed into a fire hydrant launching the fire hydrant over 500 feet. It ended up hitting the man in the hip and he was seriously injured.