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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Ted Williams, John Wheeler, Mass Animal Death Scare, Snowstorm Nuisance in Philadelphia Area, and Eagles Packers Wildcard Game


The Omelette Friday January 7, 2011 Weekly Roundup

Snowstorm Nuisance Creates Traffic Nightmares

A snowstorm has arrived just in time to snarl rush hour traffic this morning in the Philadelphia area. Anywhere between 1 to 3 inches of snow are expected, which isn't much, but it's a big deal when roads aren't treated properly. My observation of Route 422 particularly in the Berks county area is that it's a mess. PennDOT talks a good game by putting their PR people on the news by saying how they'll treat the roads around the clock, but when you look at the end result it's a fallacy. Perhaps in other areas they do a better job, but Berks County up to Pottstown doesn't seem to receive much love. The snow is expected to taper off just as people get to work. Great timing!

And, now the weekly roundup...

It all started off with an incident on New Years Eve in Arkansas when 5,000 birds mysteriously died and feel to the ground. Did they die in the sky? Or, did something cause them to fall to the ground (poisoning). Some experts believe it's lightning or fireworks. Now, there have been many other reports of mass animal deaths around the world.  involving hundreds of dead birds in Lousiana and Tennessee. Two million dead fish washed up in a Maryland Bay and there is a report of dead birds found in Italy with a blue substance on their beaks. Something is awry, but it's anybody's guess what it is at this point. Google has a map of the mass animal deaths from a 100-ton fish kill in Brazil to the original bird kill incident in Arkansas which set off the scare.

John Wheeler's final hours just get more and more bizarre. First John Wheeler was discovered in a Delaware landfill. Then authortities slowly began to piece things together. Now it turns out he was drugged and stumbling around inside a parking garage. He told people working there he was robbed of his suitcase. Then we have the incident involving one of the people in his neighborhood and an arson attempt. This story is about as convoluted as the plot to The Big Lebowski.

In a week of extremely bizarre news (John Wheeler's death and mass animal deaths) we have the feel good story of this young year. Ted Williams was a homeless man a week ago and unkown to the world. Today he's a superstar and garnering as much attention as President Obama or Michael Vick. And, he has the nickname of "Man with the Golden Voice." Not many other people can lay claim to that. Williams was offered a job as an announcer by the Cleveland Cavaliers and voice work for a Kraft ad. And, many other offers are pouring in. There are some cynics such as this writer at the Huffington Post who view the Ted Williams coverage as propaganda for the American Dream, but the reality is it's a good story that deserves coverage. The media often focuses on negative stories and it's about time a positive story gets a lot of attention.

Finally, the Eagles are set to take on the Packers on Sunday at 4:15 at The Linc in the Wildcard Playoff Round. Make no mistake about it - this will be a very difficult game for the Eagles to win. Aaron Rodgers comes into this game on a hot streak. After the debacle in Detroit when he was injured he bounced back to throw for over 400 yards and 4 TDs against the Giants and came up with a big win in Chicago. The Eagles do have the second best offense in the NFL and Michael Vick - who up until the Vikings game was viewed as the MVP by many people. Check back in to Philly2Philly for our Eagles Packers Preview later on.