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Eagles Nightmare Season Continues and Aftermath of Phillies NLCS Debacle


The Omelette Monday October 10, 2011

Eagles Nightmare Season Continues After Loss to Bills

Within 4 weeks, the Eagles have gone from one of the favorites to win the NFC Title to the laughing stock of the NFL. They fell to 1-4 yesterday following a 31-24 loss to the Bills.

Remember when we were bragging about the Eagles' acquisitions this summer? Also, remember when the Phillies acquired Hunter Pence and how special it felt to be a Philadelphia fan? That was just over 2 months ago.

Now we are in the dark ages of Philly sports once again thanks to another choke job by the Phillies and the Eagles' epic nightmare of a season. The Eagles are not just bad, but they are a terrible football team. Don't give me that crap about how they lose close games either. The 2001 Detroit Lions were a 2-14 team and lost a lot of close games, but they were still a 2-14 team!

It's clear that Juan Castillo's hiring was a blunder. And, I said it before and will say it again - this will go down as the Eagles' worst decision in a decade. Steve Olenski predicted the demise of Andy Reid following their meltdown to the 49ers.  If yesterday is any indication - this team is playing like they are trying to get their coach fired.

Now, back to Sunday's latest debacle. The Eagles found themselves down 31-14 against the Bills, but actually made this a game and fought back to make it 31-24 late in the fourth. They were on their way to tying this up at 31, but Michael Vick threw his 4th interception of the game with 2 minutes to go. And, you know the rest.

They are staring down the barrell at 1-4 and this ship is sinking and sinking fast.

It's clear that Nnamdi Asomugha was a mistake. He is a failure in this so-called system and not what this team needed. Now, the years of piss poor draft decisions coming home to roost. Remember when they passed up Vince Wilfork in 2004 for Shawn Andrews? How about when they drafted Brodrick Bunkley instead of trading up for Haloti Ngata? Or, how about passing on Earl Thomas and trading up for yet another bust in Brandon Graham?

The nail in the coffin has been their last two drafts though where they failed to pick up any impact players in the first 4 rounds. And when you hire an offensive line coach to coach defense this is what you get - a football team which is more disgusting than a toilet after an Eagles game.

The Aftermath of the Phillies Biggest Failure in Team History

With Ryan Howard's collapse on the field from an achilles tendon tear Friday night, it served as a microcosm for this current Phillies team. There will be some major changes this offseason following "The Debacle at The Bank" on Friday night. For a full run-down on what changes to expect for the Phillies, check out Joe Vallee's latest "Keep on Phightin" piece he wrote this weekend.

The Phillies' future is up in the air at this point. Just like the Eagles in early 2004, they are at a crossroads. When the Eagles blew their 3rd straight NFC Title game to the Panthers they knew they had to get a playmaker at wide receiver to take it to the next level.

Fortunately the Phillies have a title, but they too are at a crossroads with an aging core group of players. As Joe Vallee suggests, maybe it's not out of the question that Cole Hamels gets dealt to improve the offense.

Drastic times call for drastic measures as they say.

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