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Eagles Bringing in Defensive Consultant, Ryan Howard Possibly Out 9 Months, and Deer Runs Into Wireless Store in Wayne


The Omelette Tuesday October 11, 2011

Eagles Bringing in Defensive Consultant

After four straight losses and failing to stop anybody, the Eagles are reportedly bringing in a defensive consultant to help tweek things during their bye week.

The Eagles are in the midst of their worst start since 1999 when they started out 0-4 during Andy Reid's first season as coach. Their defense is yielding over 26 points per game and is -10 in takeaways on the season.

Ryan Howard Could Be Out 9 Months With Achilles Tear

Early estimates are that Ryan Howard could be out for nine months from his achilles tendon tear. He won't be able to have surgery until the swelling subsides though.

The optimistic timetable is that he could return in six months, but this looks like it's going to fall on the side of a lengthier recovery.

Deer Runs Into Wireless Store and Caught on Video

Yesterday a deer was caught on video running into a wireless store in the area.

A six-point buck ran through a Sprint Store in the Gateway Shopping Center in Wayne, PA yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately the deer ran through some glass and was bleeding, but appeared to be able to run away with little trouble.

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