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Eagles Players Threaten Eagles Fans With Sign and Flyers Fans Ripped for Booing Cancer Ad


The Omelette Friday October 14, 2011

Eagles Players Accost Fans Outside Novacare Complex

A few Eagles fans took it upon themselves to personally display their disatisfaction with the disastrous Eagles season to the Eagles coaches and players. They stood outside the Novacare complex with a sign which read "Andy, The Times...to Go." Eagles players Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis accosted the two fans and told them to take the sign down. Kelce stated he didn't feel it was appropriate for fans to attack the "head of the organization."

The fans called into 610 WIP yesterday and claimed that Kelce and Mathis threatened to have them arrested for the sign and even went as far to play the "permit" card with them. He claimed that Kelce said they needed a permit to have the sign up and he would have the police place them under arrest.

For the Eagles it's the latest PR blunder with the organization. It brings up memories of Joe Banner telling a fan during a call-in segment of an interview to stop coming to the games if he's not satisfied with the team.

Instead of ripping the fans, Kelce and Mathis should worry about trying to protect Michael Vick - instead of allowing defensive linemen to collapse the pocket on every other play.

When it comes to confronting Eagles fans, the same fans who make these players millionaires, the Eagles players and their organization need to just shut the hell up!

Flyers Fans Ripped for Booing Cancer PSA...Nothing Compared to Throwing a Banana on the Ice

Some Flyers fans are being criticized by Philly haters (see link) for booing a PSA which played during their home opener this week. The reason why they booed the cancer ad is because it was associated with Sidney Crosby and other rival players. Flyers fans shouldn't be ripped over this one.

Sorry folks, Canada has us beat just slightly. A Vancouver fan did throw a banana on the ice at Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds - making one of the ugliest racist gestures in the history of modern sports. I think that's a tad more classless...don't you think?

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