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Mummers Speak About Prostitution Bust, Occupy Philadelphia Movement, and McDonald's Employee Assaults Customer


The Omelette Saturday October 15, 2011

Mummers Speak About Prostitution Raid

The Mummers are finally talking about the prostitution bust, which took place earlier this week at the Downtowner's clubhouse in South Philly. A spokesman for the Mummers gave the following statement: "I think it's important that the public realize that this is not what the Mummers are about and this was an aberration, a total aberration" said George Badey, publicity director for the Mummers Association.

"They're totally embarrassed. And they're a good organization, it's a shame” added Badey.

Nearly two dozen people were arrested in the incident, with 50 to 60 people found inside the sex party.

Occupy Philadelphia Movement Gaining Momentum

While the Occupy Wall Street Movement gains serious momentum in New York City, the Occupy Philadelphia Movement is picking up steam as well. Thousands of people took to the streets this week to protest economic and social inequalities.

With some data suggesting that wages will be stagnant for many Americans for the next decade, while corporate executives' wages increase substantially every year - this comes as no surprise.

Look for the Occupy Wall Street Movement and other movements to drown out the nonsense from the Tea Party and play a critical role in future elections.

McDonald's Employee Goes Berserk

An employee at a McDonald's in Greenwich Village went berserk on Thursday. The employee told a few customers he would have to scan their $50 bill. They didn't take to that kindly and went behind the counter and slapped the employee. He proceeded to pull out a metal rod and assault both customers. One of them has a fractured skull. 

I think many people in the customer service industry fantasize about going badass on unruly customers, because face it - many customers are a-holes. But, this is clearly taking it too far! Check out the video below.

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