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Eagles Knock Off Redskins, Four Disabled Adults Held Captive in Philly, and IndyCar Driver Dan Wheldon Killed in Crash


The Omelette Monday October 17, 2011

Eagles Knock off Redskins 20-13

The Eagles finally ended their 4-game losing streak yesterday behind four Rex Grossman interceptions. The result was a 20-13 win in Washington. Shady McCoy had a career-high 28 carries for 126 yards.

LeSean McCoy can now be considered among the elite running backs in the NFL. McCoy is 4th in the NFL in rushing with 569 yards and averaging 5.4 yards per carry.

Four Disabled Adults Found Locked in Basement...Three People Charged

Three people have been charged with holding four mentally disabled people captive in a basement in the Tacony section of Philadelphia. Authorities allege the trio held the people captive in order to collect their disability and social security checks. The four adults were found chained up in a basement and were malnourished.

The despicable scheme started in Texas, then they migrated to Florida, and ended up in Philly.

Linda Ann Weston, 51, is the ring leader of the operation according to authorities. She was previously in prison for murder.

Police have located the families of three of the kidnapped adults. They are still searching for the family of the fourth victim, Herbert Knowles.

IndyCar Driver Dan Wheldon Killed in Crash in Las Vegas

Two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon was killed in a horrific crash during a race in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The crash occurred during the beginning of the race, which marked the finale of the IndyCar season.

Wheldon's car was ensnared in a 15-car pileup and went airborne, crashing into a fence, and then bursted into flames. He was rushed to the hospital and pronoucned dead 2 hours later. The race was then called off after 11 laps.

Wheldon was considered one of the stars of IndyCar. The reality is that while fatalities don't occur often during high-profile races, they do happen. Over the years 56 people have died at Indianapolis Speedway and countless other tracks.


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