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Ed Stefanski Out as Sixers GM, More Details on Philly Basement Dungeon Case, and Eagles Trade Ronnie Brown for Jerome Harrison


The Omelette Wednesday October 19, 2011

Sixers GM Ed Stefanski Is Out as New Ownership Takes Hold

The first order of business for new Sixers owner Joshua Harris and his ownership group was the ouster of failed GM Ed Stefanski. Harris announced that Rod Thorn will remain with the team and will be the one calling the shots in the organization. Coach Doug Collins will also remain with the team. The move comes as little surprise considering the fact that Stefanski's tenure as GM was marred by the horrible signings of Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala.

Aside from the Stefanski move, the new owners will slash ticket prices by as much as 50%.

More Details Arise From Philadelphia Dungeon Case

There are now six children tied to the dungeon case in Philadelphia, stemming from the discovery of four handicapped adults chained in a basement. Police suspect two of the children belong to 29-year-old Tamara Breedon, who is one of the victims of the kidnapping plot. Breedon along with three other mentally disabled adults were imprisoned in this makeshift dungeon so Linda Weston and her two cohorts could collect their social security and disability checks.

Eagles Trade Ronnie Brown to Detroit Lions...Get Jerome Harrison Back

The Philadelphia Eagles have traded Ronnie Brown to the Detroit Lions for running back Jerome Harrison and an undisclosed draft pick. Ronnie Brown's short stint in Philadelphia ended with him getting 38 yards on just 13 carries. He fell out of favor with the coaching staff following a brutal botched fumble on the goaline during the 49ers debacle.

It's a far cry from his days in Miami when he averaged well over 4 yards a carry and was a former Pro Bowler. Brown's carrer has been marred by multiple knee injuries and it seems as though his career is all but history. Jerome Harrison was previously with the Eagles last season. Harrison had moderate success with the Eagles, averaging 6 yards a carry with 239 yards on just 40 carries and a TD.

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