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Joe Paterno Fired By Penn State Board of Trustees and Penn State Students Protest and Riot


The Omelette Thursday November 10, 2011

Joe Paterno Fired By Penn State Board of Trustees

Even though Joe Paterno announced yesterday that he would retire at the end of the season, the Penn State Board of Trustees wouldn't allow that to happen. Last night they decided to fire Paterno, thus ending his 6-decade career at Penn State.

The Board of Trustees decided that Paterno and President Graham Spanier needed to be fired for failing to take things further when they had knowledge of Jerry Sandusky's child sexual acts.

Former PA Governor Tom Ridge is a possible replacement at Penn State President. And former Florida coach Urban Meyer is reportedly at the top of the list to replace Paterno.

While Penn State's Board of Trustees is taking some heat over this decision, Joe Paterno didn't inform police of the alleged sexual assault in 2002. And that's the bottom line.

Penn State Students Protest Joe Paterno's Firing

Thousands of Penn State students took to the campus and immediately protested Paterno's firing. Police had to disperse some of the crowds with tear gas and riot gear.

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