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DeSean Jackson Benched For Eagles Loss and Mayor Nutter Criticizes Occupy Philadelphia Movement


The Omelette Monday November 14, 2011

DeSean Jackson Benched in Eagles 21-17 Loss to Cardinals

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has been no stranger to controversy over the past year or so - particularly when he used a gay slur on the radio last year. This year he has made it known he's not happy with his contract and wants a huge deal (i.e. like the one Santonio Holmes received).

Yesterday Jackson was benched for yesterday's game against the Cardinals when he overslept and missed a team meeting. The Eagles of course wound up losing to the Cardinals 21-17 and their season is now over. Sure, they aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but as Merrill Reese said - their uphill battle is akin to climbing Mount Everest.

Now, it's likely that DeSean Jackson is on his way out of town. It's pretty obvious that his disatisfaction over his contract has affected his play. Jackson has just 29 catches for 503 yards and 2 TD on the season.

Mayor Nutter Criticizes the Occupy Philadelphia Movement

Mayor Michael Nutter just got re-elected on Tuesday. Now that he doesn't have to worry about getting voted out of office he can say whatever he wants right?

Yesterday Nutter said some pretty harsh things about the Occupy Philadelphia Movement as he ripped them for becoming an unsanitary nuisance and one which is looking to take jobs away from Philadelphians (by getting in the way of an upcoming construction project).

Nutter issued the following statement: “We do not seek confrontation with Occupy Philly. As a matter of fact, I have expressed almost every day my very strong belief in many of the issues and concerns that the original Occupy Philly individuals that I met with have raised. Issues related to unemployment, poverty, bank lending, homelessness and the rights of people to express themselves. But these issues of public health and public safety must be addressed immediately. Misconduct is not about free speech. The behavior that we are now seeing is running squarely against the needs of our city government that also represents the very real 99%. As Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, I represent the 99% also. Our responsibility is bigger than Occupy Philly. Our responsibility is to all of the citizens, all of the public employees to the entire city and the region.”

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