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Occupy Philly Members Arrested Following Traffic Blockage and Natalie Wood Case Reopened


The Omelette Friday November 18, 2011

Occupy Philly Members Arrested Following Traffic Tie-ups

There has been a showdown between Occupy Philly and Mayor Nutter the past few days over the impending renovations at Dilworth Plaza. The movement members were served with an eviction notice and ordered to leave the Dilworth Plaza premises immediately. However, they have to acquire permits in order to relocate to another location. This puts both sides in a tough spot.

Yesterday, numerous members of Occupy Philly took to the streets literally and blocked traffic throughout the downtown area during the afternoon rush hour on the 2-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. They blocked Market Street and caused the closure of the Market Street Bridge. Many members were arrested.

They also caused the closure of JFK Boulevard later in the evening when they moved their camp across the street and back last night.  Commissioner Charles Ramsey said there were no plans to move the members last night.

Just what will today bring? Could the movement members cause chaos in City Hall and throughout the city? It remains to be seen.

What is clear - Occupy Philly is a movement to be reckoned with.

Natalie Wood Case is Reopened

L.A. authorities have reopened the 30-year old Natalie Wood case. Wood who apparently drowned after an evening of partying on her yacht, may not have drowned accidentally after all. Is it possible her then-husband Robert Wagner is to blame? Today authorities will address the media about it.

Natalie Wood was on the yacht with her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken.

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