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Jerry Sandusky Waives Preliminary Hearing and NTSB Proposes Cell Phone Ban


The Omelette Wednesday December 14, 2011

Jerry Sandusky Waives Preliminary Hearing...Vowes Fight to the Death

Yesterday scores of reporters descended upon the small town of Bellefonte, PA to witness Jerry Sandusky in his first day at court. There was a lot of disppointment for those in the media as Sandusky waived his right to to the preliminary trial at the last minute.

Some suspect it may be a tactic to scare his accusers, but nontheless the case will go to trial now. Proceedings are expected to begin sometime in March.

Then, Jerry Sandusky will finally get to face his many accusers face-to-face. He and his lawyer Joe Amendola still vowe to beat these charges. Sandusky said he will "fight to the death" and used some football analogies while speaking outside the courthouse yesterday.

NTSB Proposes Total Cell Phone Ban While Driving

The NTSB proposed a controversial cell phone ban, which bans any use of cell phones while driving - including the use of hands-free devices. The only exception where cell phones can be used would be in the case of emergencies.

This plan is not only unreasonable, but opens up an entire grey area of legalities. The term "emergency" can be wide-reaching. Added to that, someone who has a legitimate emergency can be charged by an officer simply because the officer doesn't believe their story.

The NTSB is leaving it up to states to adopt this proposal individually. Hopefully better judgment prevails.

Photo of Sandusky from espn.com

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