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Chris Pronger Out For the Season, Mike McQueary Backtracks on Story, and XFinity Live! Philadelphia Plans Unveiled


The Omelette Friday December 16, 2011

Flyers Captain Chris Pronger is Out for the Season

Just a few days ago the Flyers announced that captain Chris Pronger would be out indefinitely due to a concussion he suffered recently. Then last night they announced that their 37-year-old captain (and arguably their best player) will be out for the season due to post concussion syndrome.

It's very likely that Pronger may have played his last game for the Philadelphia Flyers, thus ending the career of one of the best defensemen in NHL history.

With Pronger's season now over, just who will the Flyers name as their new captain?

Chris Pronger joins Sydney Crosby as the latest high profile NHL star to succumb to concussions. Now NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is under fire to address concussion issues with former and current NHL players.

Mike McQueary Backs Off From Jerry Sandusky Shower Rape Story

Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary came out and said he isn't 100% sure that Jerry Sandusky was having sex with a child in the shower.

According to NBC10 reporter Lu Ann Cahn, who was at the preliminary hearing, McQueary testified that he saw Sandusky and the child having "some kind of intercourse."

Xfinity Live! Philadelphia Plans Unveiled on Thursday

Philly2Philly's Joe Vallee was down in South Philly on Thursday for the unveiling of Xfinity Live! Philadelphia's presentation. It was formerly called "Philly Live!" and renamed to Xfinity Live! Philadelphia.

Construction of the complex is underway on the grounds of the former Spectrum. One of the attractions will be the NBC Sports Arena, which will "far" exceed the ESPN Zone according to Xfinity Live! Philadelphia reps.

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