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Sixers Terrible New Mascot Designs, New Earth-like Planet Called Kepler-22b Discovered, and Phillies Interested in Aramis Ramirez


The Omelette Wednesday December 7, 2011

Philadelphia 76ers New Ownership Unveil Three Terrible Mascot Designs

Sixers Mascot Designs

The new Philadelphia 76ers ownership is not wasting any time in disappointing Philly fans. At least they get one half of the equation of what it's like to be a Philly sports fan...disappointing us! This week they unveiled three horrendous mascot designs. One is a Benjamin Franklin caricature dubbed "Big Ben", another is a dog dubbed "B. Franklin Dogg", and another is a moose dubbed "Phil E. Moose."

They are giving Sixers fans the opportunity to vote for the "best" one. Naturally, the Benjamin Franklin design will win by default because the other two are completely irrelevant and awful. A moose really? What the hell is B. Franklin Dogg supposed to represent?

The Sixers ownership could have come up with something relevant to Philadelphia like a late 1700's militia-man. Or, even a liberty bell. Anything would be better than this drek. It's amazing that the Jim Henson playhouse came up with these designs and took the Sixers' money in good conscience.

As if that isn't bad enough, Harris recently came out and said Andre Iguodala is under-appreciated in Philadelphia. Sounds like it will be more of the same for this mediocre franchise.

One thing is clear - the Joshua Harris-led Sixers ownership group is pretty out of touch with Philadelphia.

New Planet Discovered Could Be Like Earth

NASA scientists have discovered an earth-like planet 600 light years away. The new planet, named Kepler-22b could be much like our very own planet Earth according to scientists.

While the newly-discovered planet sits just outside our solar system, 600 light years is one hell of a distance. It would take a space shuttle 22 million years to travel there with our current technology.

So basically this discovery doesn't amount to jack squat right? Not necessarily. Scientists believe we can still discover an earth-like planet within our lifetime.

Phillies Might Not Be Interested in Aramis Ramirez

Clearly the Phillies have to do something on offense this offseason. At one point they were going to turn to free agent third basemen Aramis Ramirez.

Phillies adviser Pat Gillick met with Ramirez last month in the Dominican Republic. They are also are reportedly shopping Placido "Can't-hit-the-ball-out-of-the-infield" Polanco.

The Phillies have met with Ramirez's agent this week. But, there was nothing concrete out there about a possible offer. And, we're sure we won't hear anything until it happens. The Phillies keep the news closer to the vest than the KGB.

The latest report is that the Phillies are said to be out of the Aramis Ramirez chase. It wouldn't surprise me if Ruben Amaro is just keeping silent and will sign him.

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