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Woman Duct Tapes Baby, National Enquirer's Prognosis of Steve Jobs, and Phillies Tickets On Sale Today


The Omelette Thursday February 17, 2011

Woman Duct Tapes Her Baby and Leaves Photo on Cellphone

In a case which goes down as both stupid and disgusting, a photo of a duct taped baby was discovered on a Philadelphia woman's cellphone by police. The woman went to the police after suspecting her identity had been stolen.  When she was scrolling through the photos on her camera, they noticed a photo of a duct-taped and gagged baby, which happened to be her 18-month-old child at the time. When police went to her home, they noticed the residue from the duct tape was still on the chair. The mother, Caria Ferguson has been arrested and the custody of her child will be granted to another family member.

The National Enquirer Plays Doctor With Apple CEO Steve Jobs

The National Enquirer is getting attention today for putting out photos of Steve Jobs after leaving a Stanford cancer center. Jobs, who has been rumored to be seriously ill looks very sick in the photos. The National Enquirer is playing doctor and speculating that he will have six more weeks to live. The National Enquirer should never be confused for a credible news source, but this is stooping to a new low to sell magazines. And it also is affecting Apple shares, which are falling over fears of Steve Jobs' failing health.

Phillies Tickets Go On Sale Today

Phillies fans from all across the area are getting the first dibs on tickets this morning at Citizen's Bank Park. The 2011 Phillies season is the most anticipated perhaps ever. Even more so than when they came off their 2008 World Series championship run.

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Assault Details Draws Curiosity

Finally, one of the top Google search trends involves the "assault details" of CBS Reporter Lara Logan who was sexually assaulted in Egypt. Just goes to show you the sick curiosity many Americans have. It's reminiscent of the 2010 Olympics when millions of people were searching for the footage of a luge slider who died during practice.