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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Michael Vick Cancels Oprah Interview, The Office Threat Level Midnight, Steve Jobs Cancer Rumors, Phillies Tickets Frenzy, and More


The Omelette Friday February 18, 2011

Michael Vick canceled on upcoming Oprah appearance

Michael Vick has canceled his scheduled apperance on Oprah. He simply told her that he isn't ready for a sit-down just yet. There are many rumors as to why, but the big one is that the Eagles told his people to do so. Perhaps, it would behoove Vick to not allow Oprah to exploit his comeback story for ratings. There was actually a bet out there about which show Vick would appear on first - Oprah or Piers Morgan. So perhaps he stuck to everybody and by calling the whole thing off?

National Enquirer Stirs Up Steve Jobs Cancer Rumors

The National Enquirer recently put out photos (they claimed were) of Steve Jobs leaving a Stanford cancer center. And, they claimed that Steve Jobs has just "six weeks to live." Their story appears to be unsubstantiated though. The photos of this alleged man are not very clear. And, the National Enquirer bases much of their "prognosis" on interviews with two doctors who have never even met Steve Jobs.

First Day of Phillies Tickets Sales Set Off Fan Frenzy

Over 70,000 single game Phillies tickets were sold yesterday, breaking a new one-day record for ticket sales. The 2011 season is the most-anticipated season in Phillies history. The Phillies ticket frenzy further proves that Philadelphia is becoming a baseball town. Right now, the Phillies are the hottest ticket in town.

The Office Scores an A with Threat Level Midnight Episode

Last night's episode of The Office featured Michael Scott's film "Threat Level Midnight" - which finally got completed after several years. You may recall back in season four, Michael Scott's screenplay got leaked, where he was featured as the character Agent Michael Scarne. Threat Level Midnight featured everybody from The Office cast. Even Toby was in it briefly, before having his head blown off. The episode flowed and extremely well and it was great to see some of the old cast back like Todd Packer. All in all, The Office scored an A-plus with last night's episode.

February Warm Spell Hits Philadelphia Region

This time last year we were braving bitterly cold conditions and dealing with four feet of snow on the ground. Today temperatures are expected to hit 70 degrees. This explains why there was so little traffic on 422 this morning. If there was ever a day to call off work on a Friday it's today. The February warm spell won't last though. Tomorrow it will be extremely windy with temperatures expected to hit just 50 degrees.