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Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Rights Battle, Clifton Heights Officer Dragged By Car, and NBA All Star Weekend


The Omelette Saturday February 19, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Seeks to Take Away Collective Bargaining Rights

Public workers in the state of Wisconsin are protesting Governor Scott Walker's collective bargaining bill proposal, which would take away their collective bargaining rights. Thousands of Wisconsin public employees are protesting in Madison. Walker's bill proposal would make it illegal for public employees to use collective bargaining in contract negotiations. This would thereby render the union powerless. Conservatives allege this is necessary in controlling the state budget. Proponents of unions claim it's a serious attack on the middle class. All eyes of the nation are upon Madison as this fight could very well determine the future of collective bargaining in America. Walker insists concessions are needed, since Wisconsin has a $3.6 billion shortfall.

Clifton Heights Officer Drug By Car

A Clifton Heights Officer was drug by a car yesterday afternoon after responding to a call involving drug activity in a parking lot. The driver of a black Cadillac took off when Officer Kevin Schieler (a part-time Clifton Heights officer) accosted him. Schieler was drug by the car for 100 yards before it crashed into another car in the parking lot. the perp was apprehended following the assault incident. Officer Schieler is hospitalized with a multitude of broken bones and internal injuries.

NBA All Star Weekend 2011 in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the host of the 2011 NBA All Star game. Los Angeles Clippers stud Blake Griffin is the favorite in the Slam Dunk Contest tonight, which is once again lacking star power. Serge Ibaka, Javale McGee, and Demar Derozan are the other contestants. It could be the worst field ever in the contest. The Slam Dunk Contest has been devoid of a lot of star power in recent years, but this year's Three Point Contest features Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, and Paul Pierce. It could be one for the ages.