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Presidents Day 2011, Coach Suspended For Attacking Student, and More Snow on the Way Tonight


The Omelette Monday February 21, 2011

President's Day 2011: Banks and Post Office Are Closed

It's President's Day once again. If you're asking "is the post office open on Presidents Day 2011" the answer is no. Or, if you're wondering "are banks open on Presidents Day 2011" - the answer is once again no. And, if you're wondering "is President's Day a federal holiday" - the answer is yes. Schools, banks, and post offices are closed on this Federal Holiday. You may be wondering why is this day a holiday. President's Day celebrates George Washington's birthday but really honors all of our presidents. If you're home with your kids today, here are some fun President's Day related activities, worksheets, and crafts for them.

Coach Suspended For Attacking Student

Holy Family University Coach John O'Connor was suspended for allegedly elbowing one of his players and hitting him with the back of his hand. Philadelphia Police were notified of the incident and the University won't comment until the investigation is completed. O'Connor was suspended Thursday for the alleged attack on 19-year-old student Mark Kravchuk.  The alleged attack occurred on January 25th and Kravchuk filed a complaint that same day. Kravchuck then filed a complaint with police February 11th when he didn’t feel like the university was taking the incident seriously enough.

More Snow on The Way

So much for the warm spell at the end of last week. Wintry weather is back. Temps are expected to be in the 30's tomorrow with 2 through 4 inches of snow throughout much of the area tonight and into tomorrow morning.