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Philadelphia Cop Shoots Dog in Wrong Home, Blogger Ian Murphy's Scott Walker Prank Call, and Robberies Outside Radnor Diners


The Omelette Thursday February 24, 2011

Philadelphia Cop Mistakenly Goes Into Wrong Home and Shoots Dog Dead

Wednesday night a Philadelphia cop went into the wrong home in West Philadelphia  when a dog inside bit him on the ankle. He then shot the dog four times and killed it. The officer mistook the home for a target in a drug raid.

Scott Walker Prank Call Fuels the Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Debate

Democrats are in an uproar after a prank call by a liberal blogger to Scott Walker was leaked on Wednesday. The blogger (Ian Murphy) disguised himself as a right-wing supporter of Walker's and said the Republicans should have dispersed elements into the crowds to incite violence. Walker admitted that they considered these tactics. While, Walker didn't do himself any justice or the party any justice by admitting to "considering" these tactics, this prank call doesn't exactly make the Democrats look much better. Ultimately, the prank call to Scott Walker is humurous and a faux pas on the part of the Wisconsin Governor.

Series of Car Break-ins Outside Diners in Radnor

There have been many car robberies in recent weeks outside of several diners in Radnor Township. The break-ins occur while the patrons are inside restaurants along Lancaster Avenue in Wayne. Five cars in total were broken into on Tuesday night alone.

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