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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Charlie Sheen Rant on Alex Jones Show, Two and a Half Men Canceled, Adam Wainwright Tommy John Surgery, Coach John O'Connor Resigns, and Gaddafi Blames Bin Laden


The Omelette Friday February 25, 2011 Weekly Roundup

Charlie Sheen Goes on Mel Gibson-like rant on Alex Jones Show

Charlie Sheen sounded more like Mel Gibson than himself when he went on a rant on the Alex Jones Show yesterday. CBS has announced they are cancelling production of Two and a Half Men for the rest of the season due to the "totality" of Charlie Sheen's behavior. During the rant, he ripped Alcoholics Anonymous and called it a cult - and said he cured himself of his addiction. Probably what did it for CBS, was his decision to rip CBS producer (and creator of Two and a Half Men) Chuck Lorre. Charlie Sheen also said his real name is Chaim Levine, which some say borders on anti-semetic since Sheen made it a point to say Lorre was Jewish. Sheen also called Chuck Lorre a "stupid, little man."

Let's see, coke and hookers didn't get Sheen fired. The arrests and constant negative attention didn't do it. Holding a knife to his wife Brooke Mueller's throat didn't do it. But, yesterday apparently was the final straw for CBS when he ripped his boss Chuck Lorre. After the production cancellation was announced, Charlie Sheen fired back with an open letter where he ripped Chuck Lorre and called him a "contaminated little maggot." He then sounded like David Koresh when he said "I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong." CBS stopped short of saying Two and a Half Men is canceled, but insiders are saying that it will be a matter of time before they announce the cancellation of it.

Adam Wainwright's Season Over...To Get Tommy John Surgery

On Sunday Adam Wainwright was no worse than the third best pitcher in baseball behind Roy Halladay and Felix Hernandez. On Monday he started to feel pain in his elbow. Wednesday morning news broke that he felt intense pain on Tuesday during a routine drill and flew back to St. Louis to be examined by team doctors.Cardinals GM John Mozeliak said it was a signifcant elbow injury and things "didn't look good." He stopped short of saying the "TJ" word as in Tommy John, but everybody knew it was a foregone conclusion. Thursday it was announced that Wainwright would receive Tommy John surgery thus meaning he'll be out for 12 to 15 months. It's a devastating blow to a Cardinals team that already couldn't sign Albert Pujols before his mandated deadline.

Phillies Play First Spring Training Game

The Phillies beat Florida State 8-0 yesterday in their spring training game. Jimmy Rollins was absent as he attended a Motown tribute at The White House. Chase Utley sat out due to soreness. None of the "big four" pitched in yesterday's game.

Holy Family Coach John O'Connor Resigns After Alleged Violent Incident With Player

Holy Family Coach John O'Connor has resigned from the university. O'Connor insists he didn't do anything wrong despite a video of him elbowing a player and kicking him while he was on the ground. O'Connor was recently suspended by the school after the video surfaced. Sophomore player Matt Kravchuk originally wanted to keep things in house and complained to the university, but nothing was done. Then he and his family decided to sue the school and make it public. Kravchuk claims he injured his wrist, got a bloody nose, and bruised lip over the incident. Apparently, the negative attention was too much for O'Connor to bear, or maybe he was going to be fired by the university.

Gaddafi Claims Bin Laden Behind Libya Unrest

Finally, Libyan Dictator Muammar Gadafi went on a rant on television and compared himself to the queen. He then claimed that Osama Bin Laden is behind the civil unrest in Libya and was putting hallucenogenic drugs into the water supply. Maybe Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen should exchange notes when they go on their rants. Better yet, Gaddafi should hire Charlie Sheen as his press secretary.

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