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Muammar Gaddafi Loses Libya, John Street and Sharif Street's PHA Corruption, and 2011 Oscars Start Time, Games and Predictions


The Omelette Sunday February 27, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi Has Officially Lost Libya

Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi has officially lost control of Libya according to many credible news outlets. Gaddafi is still hanging onto Tripoli though. Protestors openly defied his regime yesterday in his last stronghold according to The Australian. Gaddafi has ordered his troops to shoot at protestors, which has led to worldwide condemnation. President Obama has asked that he resign immediately and "leave now." Bloomberg asserts that Muammar Qaddafi (Gaddafi) "came under increased pressure as the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to freeze his assets and protesters controlling the east of the country said they were naming a provisional government."

Gaddafi sounded like a mad man late last week when he went on a bizarre rant and blamed the Libyan unrest on Osama Bin Laden's goons, who were drugging Libyan people with hallucenogenic drugs. Now he has completely lost his legitimacy as a ruler by killing hundreds of protestors and pretty much giving an "FU" to the majority of Libyan citizens (who want him out) and the rest of the world. Gaddafi will not waver though, but for how long - that remains the $50,000 question.

John Street Awarded Millions to Law Firm His Son Sharif Street Worked At

John Street has once again engaged in nepotism. This time it doesn't involve dealings with his brother Milton Street, but rather his son Sharif. After he appointed himself to the Philadelphia Housing Authority Board in 2004, John Street awarded millions of dollars of contracts to the law firm Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen - where his son Sharif worked at. According to the Philadelphia Inquirier: Six times between 2004 and 2008, John Street voted in favor of PHA resolutions "to execute contracts" with Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen, the now-defunct firm where his son Sharif Street worked as an associate. During this 4-year period, Wolf Block billed PHA $774,779 for 3,295 hours of work by Sharif Street, according to a review of the authority's legal bills by The Inquirer. Last year John Street used PHA Director Carl Greene as a scapegoat for the corruption going on inside the PHA, when Greene was discovered to have created shadow organizations in order to steal money from the taxpayers.

Things have gotten so bad that the Federal Government has asked John Street and the entire PHA board to resign. Street has further cemented his legacy as one of the most infamous and corrupt politicians in the history of Philadelphia, which pretty much makes him one of the most corrupt politicians in the history of the United States. Now that Street has served as Mayor and managed to further corrupt the PHA (which is a tall task), what can he do for an encore? Maybe he can run the Philadelphia Parking Authority and make that organization more corrupt than it already is.

2011 Academy Awards Tonight...Oscars To Start at 6:30 PM

The 2011 Academy Awards are tonight. The Oscars Show will start at 6:30 PM EST tonight and will be shown on ABC. For those of you interested in the Red Carpet show, that will begin at 6:30 PM. The actual Oscar Awards won't begin until 8:30 PM EST though. Most 2011 Oscar predictions are in favor of The King's Speech to get Best Picture and Best Actor (Colin Firth). While Natalie Portman is the lock for Best Actress for Black Swan. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo are expected to take Best Supporting Actor and Actress Awards for their roles in The Fighter.

For those of you planning a party for the 2011 Oscars check out this site for some party and game ideas. Or, check out this site for some Oscar Awards drinking games.

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