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No Oscars Surprises At 83rd Academy Awards, Chase Utley Receives MRI For Knee Injury, and Perk Valley Teachers Reach Deal


The Omelette Monday February 28, 2011

No Real Oscars Surprises at 83rd Academy Awards

The 83rd annual Academy Awards were lacking suspense last night, as it was a foregone conclusion heading into this year who the major winners would be. While Anne Hathaway and James Franco did about as well as they could (given the material they were handed) the Oscars were pretty uninspired this year.  Natalie Portman (Black Swan) was a shoe-in for Best Actress and she took home the Oscar. Colin Firth was an overwhelming favorite to take home the Best Actor Oscar for The King's Speech and he won. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo were the favorites to win Best Supporting Actor and Actress Oscars for their roles in The Fighter. Again, no real surprise that they won. And, The King's Speech (as expected) won Best Picture. This year is very similar to the 2008 Academy Awards when No Country For Old Men cleaned house at the Oscars. In addition, Daniel Day Lewis was the clearcut winner for Best Actor and nobody else was considered.

Philly2Philly's Joe Vallee calls the 83rd Academy Awards Oscars ceremony the most boring one ever. Many are calling this the worst Oscars ever. I don't know that I'd go that far, but it was certainly schizophrenic in many ways. If you are going to go for a younger audience, then trotting Kirk Douglas out there in the beginning wasn't a good start at all as he presented the Best Supporting Actress Oscar - to Melissa Leo. Added to that, Melissa Leo's speech was abominable and awkward. The Oscars stumbled out from the gate and never really recovered.

Chase Utley Gets MRI on His Knee

We're not even into March and already Chase Utley has an injury. He had an MRI on his knee over the weekend and the verdict is patellar tendinitis. The Phillies are saying he's day-to-day, but you have to be concerned if the 31-year-old second basemen is starting to break down.

Perk Valley Teachers Reach a Deal

Good news coming out of the suburbs this morning. Perkiomen Valley teachers will not strike after reaching a tentative agreement on a new labor deal. There were rumblings since January of 2010 that this would lead to a strike, but they beat the Wednesday deadline and got a deal done. Perk Valley students will not have to worry about going to school deep into June now.

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